We are a community of technical communication professionals in the Czech Republic.

Technical Writers, Information Architects, Content Developers, Content Strategists, Technical Support Workers, Copywriters, Marketing Strategists, UX Designers, Graphic Designers, Product Managers…

Technical communication is science and art, but foremost a craft. Therefore we are a Technical Writing Guild.


We believe that clear communication about a product is an essential component of a good product.

We believe that users need well-managed and structured knowledge to understand and enjoy working with products.

We believe that product manufacturers deserve trained professionals who can capture that knowledge in a way that is appropriate for their customers.

We believe that those professionals deserve an organized community of colleagues whom they can meet and consult.


Networking and specialized job market

We provide space for individuals and companies to exchange ideas and opportunities.

Regular events

We will hold conferences, workshops, seminars and meetups regularly.

Expert knowledge sharing and counselling

We bring an opportunity for professionals to learn from each other and to seek counsel of experienced colleagues.

We will provide mentors and consultants.

Competence and education

We will standardize a terminology framework for the area of technical communication in the local language (Czech).

We will build a competence framework adapted to the needs of Czech environment.

We will collaborate with official institutions to establish formal education structures.

We will provide commercial courses and training.

We will connect businesses and candidates for internships and career development.

Recognition and promotion

We will evangelize our professions.

We will redefine the profession of “technical editor“.